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The benefits of using Clay Blocks with thin joint mortar

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Clay blocks have been used on the continent for over forty years in housebuilding but have had a bit of a slow start in the UK. As an architectural designer with a passion for designing eco housing, clay blocks are an ideal product to use.

They are also good value for money being economical, fast and easy to build with.

So let's take a closer look at the benefits…..

Quick build

The build being single block construction can reach to first floor level in a day with all

preparation in place. Having this benefit allows the building to be watertight quicker and

allow trades to work inside and outside at the same time.

Very strong

The blocks do not look like your normal concrete block or brick. They are designed with lots of chambers insulated with Rockwool/Perlite and provide a high compressive strength in excess of 7K/nm.

Low environmental impact

Less environmental impact both in production, building and are fully recyclable.

Walls constructed with clay blocks can be solid or cavity, but the most cost effective and

beneficial construction is a monolithic build, in other words a solid wall

Money saving

They have high thermal performance against all-weather elements saving energy costs.

Healthier lifestyle

They allow the building to ‘breathe’ and reduce mould and condensation for a healthier

lifestyle. Clay block walls are able to absorb moisture, hold and release it to balance internal humidity levels.

Better heat control

The engineered clay blocks reduce the flow of heat loss from the inside of the house to the outside saving heating costs and keeping your home warmer in the winter.

Clay retains heat; a wall made of clay blocks will absorb the heat from the sun and store it

so that it will then heat the inside of the house when needed in the winter and keep cool in the summer.

If you are considering a project and would like to discuss the use of Clay Blocks in the design please give me a call to discuss your requirements on 07523 662219 or contact our Clay Block partners

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