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A short guide to the stages of your project.

No matter how large or small your building project is - it can be a daunting task trying to unravel the information and expertise needed to make you ideas become a reality. We have put together this short guide of how TeKKWise can help you navigate your way through the various stages of your build.

Step 1: Feasibility work

This is an optional service and charged by the hour or part of.

This could be an initial step to see if your dream project is feasible and affordable.

Your site or existing building is measured, simple plans or sketches are drawn up to enable you to envisage your project.

Budget and timescales for the complete project are estimated.

Step 2: Pre-planning advice

We often recommend this stage to ‘test the water’. It is a chance to speak to the planners to gather their thoughts and recommendations to ensure that the project is viable and will pass a planning application.

This involves simple plans being created of your site or project. A meeting with the planners to talk through your plans and discussions and to ascertain whether they are acceptable to the planning department.

There is a fee payable to the council planning department for this service, but it may well save you money in the long run if there is a chance that your project will not meet planning requirements.

Step 3: Planning design and approval.

This is when your wishes and ideas are created into a design plan. Once you are happy with the design the plans are prepared and submitted as a planning application. Negotiations then take place with Planners, addressing any objections they or your neighbours may have.

There is a Planning Application charge payable to your District Council for this stage.

Step 4: Building Regulations approval.

This involves turning the design plans into working plans ready for the builders, services etc. Specific build information is detailed in the plans to ensure that your project is built correctly and in keeping with your vision.

This may involve working with an energy assessor for new builds and with structural engineers if required.

There is a charge to Building Control for your application and also charges, if needed, to Energy Assessors and Structural Engineers.

Step 5: Appointment of building contractors.

This is your choice although we can refer you to builders that we have worked with before.

Some of the products we specify will need specialist contractors, or contractors with prior knowledge of the product, for example those who are familiar with clay block construction.

Step 5: Project Management

TeKKWise can project manage your build for you, if required. We are fully qualified in site management.

We are able to liaise with builders and service providers on your behalf. We understand that keeping to your budget is vital and so charge per hour, or part of, for this service. Work is agreed before commencement and all work completed is itemised and invoiced regularly so that you are able to closely manage your budget.

We hope that this guide has been helpful, if you have any concerns or queries about your project, please do contact us on 01278 685823 or 07523 062219

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