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The birth of TeKKWise

We are pleased to share the completion of our first project.

Back in 2019 as Keith was recovering from a hip operation, he was approached by a colleague to design a renovation/extension of a property he had purchased. Keith had for a long time been disillusioned with his work roles. Having built up over 43 years’ experience in the construction industry, no role had really given him the opportunity to utilise his design skills and imagination. Having time out from work and the ‘rat race’ Keith found that he really enjoyed designing the property and using those skills that had, for a long time, been underused and so TeKKWise was born.

At 57 starting your own business is no mean feat, and friends have mentioned that he is crazy to be starting up at his age, but in the short time TeKKWise has been trading we have gone from strength to strength with clients across the UK.

So back to that first project….

The stages of the build can be seen in our blog:

From an old Somerset Cottage in need of modernising, through the collapse of half of the property to the completion of a beautiful showcase home

All work completed by the owners, Andy and Chris of Rodway Homes who are perfectionists and have an incredible eye for quality and detail.

Photos courtesy of Nicky Bloom @ David Phillips Furniture

Photos - Fran Stockwell Photography

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